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Seishan Kata

Seishan Kata

The karate kata Seisan (十三) (alternate names Sesan, Seishan, Jusan, Hangetsu) literally means '13'. Some people refer to the kata as '13 Hands', '13 Fists', '13 Techniques', '13 Steps' or even '13 killing positions'. However, these names have no historical basis.

Wado its-called : S eishan translates as half moon or thirteen. The thirteen indication that the kata should be preformed with only 13 breaths, in order to teach proper breath control in kata performance. Seishan is a Nahate kata which is typical of the stance and speed of the first half. The kata is preformed in Seishan stance which is the largest of the inner circular stances. The first half of the kata is preformed slowly with the right exchange of tension and relaxation, coupled with power in Yoko Seishan stance in a (wide front facing stance), then fast explosive in Tate Seishan (vertical stance). Its also one of the oldest of the Okinawa katas
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