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MAC MEALS: High protein Recipe pack

MAC MEALS: High protein Recipe pack

Exercise programs need to incorporaite nutrtion and lifestyle if you are to get the best results.  If Mac Fit clients dont change how they eat, even intense exercise programs wont get you fast results you desire.  I have designed a resource which will allow my clients to help with their nutrition and their own indivdual plans.


I realised as I coached many clients that nutrtional Macros and calories help.  However a lot of clients want told exactly what to eat and when.  Plus must have variety and taste so they dont get bored.  Hence why I spent  alot time creating a great pack to support my clients reaching their desired goals and weight.


The pack contains, Healthy but tasty recipes that are simple to follow.  I have completed the ground work on umber  Calories per meal  - Fats per meal  -Protein per meal  &  carbs per meal. Plus a step by step guide how to cook each meal.  


Pack contains;


-Understand food and selection and macros broken down 

-Help weight loss

-Build muscle

-save a lot of time 

-offer variety every day  

-Meal Planner for the month : week 1 & Week 2 what to eat and when  - (repeat each week for 2 week period)

-Shopping list 

- Ingridenets required

- A guide to each meal and cooking instructions


Enjoy and I look forward to hearng what was your favourite meal 



    45,00£ Įprastinė kaina
    35,00£Pardavimo kaina
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